Tools and Credit Info

We have gathered some authoritative tools and credit information sites for you:

The Office of Consumer Affairs has some useful articles teaching Canadians how to take charge of their debt:

Here’s a preview:

Warning Signs of Debt
Ways to Reduce Your Debt
“Last Resort” Options (by Region)
Collection Agencies
Credit Reports, Credit Scores and Credit Repair
Resources on Personal Finances and Debt

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada offers a helpful site:

Dealing with Debt: A Consumer’s Guide

You can view the guide online or you can download a PDF version.

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Recognize the danger signals
Possible solutions
What you should know
Where to go for help
Assessment and counselling
Consumer proposal

Here’s a widget from Debt Clock Canada with the national debt and breakdown by individual:

The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Affairs offers a helpful warning on debt settlement companies:

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Don’t be pressured.
Watch out for exaggerated or false claims.
Be wary of large up-front fees and service contract amounts.

The Canadian Housing And Mortgage Corporation offers a guide on “How to Deal with Mortgage Payment Difficulties”

Here’s a preview:

What Can I Do to Help?

1. Talk to your mortgage professional
2. Clarify the financial picture
3. Stay informed

How Can Mortgage Professionals and CMHC Help?

As you can see there is plenty of credit and debt related information, tools, calculators and resources you can use to get started getting out of debt and avoiding scams and fraudulent companies. We want to make this information available to you so you know about all your options before you decide on how you want to pay your creditors.

We believe we have a solution for many of your credit card problems. However, not everyone will qualify for our services nor will our solution be best for everyone.

We would appreciate the chance to talk to you and see if we can help you with debt relief. There’s no obligation to get a free quote.