About Us

Maple Leaf Debt Helpers is one of Canada’s premier debt relief organizations. We are proud to provide a fast, powerful alternative to bankruptcy. Although there are some advantages to other forms of debt relief, we believe that our “debt settlement” method produces positive outcomes for the greatest number of struggling borrowers. Countless Canadian consumers have used services like ours to reduce their debts and begin living productive lives.

Debt settlement is both faster and more efficient than other forms of professionally-managed debt relief. Some programs of debt settlement take just 12 months to complete and may produce total balance reductions of between 40 and 60 percent. By contrast, credit counselors and debt consolidation lenders can take several years to produce similar outcomes.

Debt settlement is also private and discreet. When you file for bankruptcy, your financial situation becomes a matter of public record. Many Canadians who file for bankruptcy are unable to afford their mortgages and end up losing their homes to foreclosure. If this happens to you, your friends and neighbors may suspect that something is amiss with your finances.

Bankruptcy’s effects can linger for long periods of time. Your filing could affect your credit score for the better part of a decade. It may also show up on background checks conducted by lending institutions, prospective employers and government agencies. You could have trouble securing a mortgage or finding a job in the years that follow your bankruptcy declaration.

Debt settlement works differently than other managed forms of debt relief. When you enroll in Maple Leaf Debt Helpers’s program, our debt settlement specialists will begin negotiating directly with your creditors. We will persuade them to settle your unsecured debts for less than what you currently owe. We may be able to turn a principal balance of $15,000 into a final settlement balance of $7,500 in just 12 months.

By contrast, credit counselors are only authorized to negotiate lower interest rates. They are unable to secure meaningful reductions to principal balances. Although credit counselors have been known to produce some savings for their clients, their debt management plans may take as long as seven years to complete successfully. This long repayment period reduces the impact of interest-rate reductions by permitting interest to accrue for years on end.

Debt consolidation loans come with drawbacks as well. Although you may be able to use a debt consolidation loan to reduce the effective average interest rate on your current slate of debts, these credit products carry a high risk of default. If you become unable to make the payments on your debt consolidation loan, you could damage your credit score and put yourself in a precarious financial position. Instead of risking bankruptcy by taking out another loan to pay off your unsecured debts, call Maple Leaf Debt Helpers to learn more about our effective debt settlement plans.

Regardless of why you got into debt, Maple Leaf Debt Helpers can provide you with the support that you need to improve your financial outlook. Our website contains more information about debt settlement as well as the alternative methods of debt relief. We also offer some useful tips about creating budgets and managing debt.

If you are serious about tackling your debts, give us a call at 1-877-710-3328. Our friendly debt settlement specialists can explain more about the debt settlement process and answer any questions that you might have about it. If you like what you hear, they can enroll you in a debt settlement program and start working on your case right away.

Don’t spend another moment worrying about your financial troubles. At Maple Leaf Debt Helpers, we are happy to provide you with answers to your debt problems. Call us today at 1-877-710-3328 or take a moment to fill out the no-obligation form at the top of the page.